Sissy Morawietz

Sissy Morawietz, M.Sc.

Beethovenstraße 51

38106 Braunschweig

Telephone: 531/391-3670

Research project:

Numerical analysis of reinforced concrete structures during extreme events

The aim of the research project is the further development of the institute's own model for the systematic investigation of the bearing behaviour of reinforced concrete. The thermo-mechanical behaviour that changes over time and its influence on the transport properties are taking into account.

Findings from these investigations can contribute to a reliable and at the same time economic use of the composite material if the properties of reinforced concrete can be assessed and their changes can be predicted over the entire service life. In addition to normal mechanical and environmental effects, potential extreme events (fire, earthquake, etc.) must also be taken into account in order to ensure the assessment of residual load-bearing capacities.

The aim of this thesis is the numerical analysis of reinforced concrete structures under extreme loads with explicit consideration of the reinforcement and its influence on the surrounding concrete. Thereby the effects on the damage of the composite and the surrounding concrete and the resulting change of the transport properties are considered. For this purpose the temporal development of the coupled fields temperature, humidity, deformations is modelled with the finite element method.