Department 32 – Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics and Media Technology

GB3, Abt.32

Department 32 "Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics and Media Technology" ensures the availability and maintenance of electronic systems and equipment as well as all mechanically operated building facilities.

These include medium and low-voltage systems, lightning protection, elevator and crane systems, door and gate systems, locking systems and escape route safety systems.

The testing of electrical systems, portable devices and fire doors as well as the repair and installation of media technology in centrally managed lecture halls are also among the department's tasks.

Furthermore, the department accompanies all construction measures and prepares the corresponding technical planning. Electronic and mechanical measures and projects are carried out in-house.


Electrical power engineering:

  • Maintenance and repair electrical power engineering
  • Testing of electrical devices


  • Maintenance and repair of mechanical systems and equipment
  • Crane and elevator systems
  • Locking systems management

Media technology:

  • Maintenance and repair of media technology in centrally managed lecture halls and classrooms
  • Lending of media equipment for courses
  • Instruction in multimedia technology

Department Head

Andreas Gronde
Phone: +49 531 391-4405

Spielmannstr. 11
38106 Braunschweig