All courses are primarily taught in German, with selected classes given in English. Foreign applicants who have received their secondary education outside Germany need the German DSH-2 certificate in order to be eligible for the courses. For enrolment, please visit the enrolment portal for the programs listed below.

Bachelor programs:

  • biology (B.Sc.) (WS)
  • biotechnology (B.Sc.) (WS)
  • chemistry (B.Sc.) (WS SoSe)
  • food chemistry (WS)
  • psychology (B.Sc.) (WS)

Programs leading towards a state examination:

  • pharmacy (WS SoSe)

Master programs:

  • biology (M.Sc.) (WS SoSe)
  • biotechnology (M.Sc.) (WS SoSe)
  • chemistry (M.Sc.) (WS SoSe)
  • biochemistry/chemical biology (M.Sc.) (SoSe)
  • pharmaceutical engineering (M.Sc.) (WS)
  • psychology (M.Sc.) (WS)
  • psychologic psychotherapy (WS)