Accident Informatics

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Passing this module, the students can define the goals and perform a technical analysis of traffic accidents. The understand accident and emergency informatics on a more general level, and know the components of this novel field of research. They can use IT systems for accident research and build systems using appropriate data formats, standards, and protocols. Furthermore, they can construct scientific experiments in the field of accident and emergency informatics.


  • Selected aspects of eHealth and mHealth
  • Relevant data formats, standards, and terminologies
  • Existing systems in accident and emergency informatics
  • Fundamentals to combine medical informatics and technical accident research

Course information

Code 4217032 + 4217033
Degree programme(s) Computer Science, Business Information Systems, Data Science
Lecturer(s) Prof. Dr. Thomas Deserno
Type of course Lecture + exercise course
Semester Summer semester
Language of instruction English
Level of study Master
ECTS credits