Dean (chair, with voting right)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Kurrat Institut für Hochspannungstechnik und Elektrische Energieanlagen

Dean for curriculum and student affair ET/WIING-ET/ELSY/EMOB (with voting right)

Prof. Dr.-lng. Tobias Voß

Dean for curriculum and student affair IST (with voting right)

Prof. Dr.-lng. Harald Michalik

Institut für Datentechnik und

Dean for curriculum and student affair Physik (with voting right)

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jürgen Blum

Institut für Geophysik und Extraterrestrische Physik

Permanent advisory member (without voting right)

Managing Director of Dept. Reg. Dir. Holger Stegert

Advisory members (without voting right)

Speaker Fachvertretervesammlung (FVV) Prof. Dr. Patrik Recher

Member of the senate (professor's group) Prof. Dr. Ing. Markus Henke

Dean for curriculum and student affairs is responsible for the guarantee of the lectures and the course guidance and for the execution of the tests.

In Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Business Information Technology the department cooperates with the Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Department