Face-to-Face Teaching: 3G-Regulation

Dear Lecturers and Students of the TU Braunschweig, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Prof. Knut Baumann

the plan for face-to-face teaching in the winter semester 2021/22 is taking shape. In my email of 08-Jul-2021 I announced that the crisis management team and the presidency of our university would be providing an initial recommendation for classroom teaching in the winter semester on 01-Sep based on the prevailing pandemic situation. I would like to briefly inform you about this.

About 60% of the entire population of Germany is now fully vaccinated. This is a good starting point for extensive classroom teaching in the winter semester. We expect an even better vaccination rate by the start of lectures. In the near future we want to determine the vaccination rate at TU Braunschweig with an anonymous survey and inform you after the survey has been completed. This will allow you to assess the situation yourself when you return to campus.

The vaccination progress and the new “3G” rule in the teaching rooms (cf. appendix to this email), together with mandatory mask wearing of the audience in the courses, allow a high level of protection in face-to-face teaching and represent the cornerstones of our planning. With these protective measures, we can stay below the mandatory minimum distance in public spaces. We also have to, because otherwise our lecture rooms would not be sufficient for extensive face-to-face teaching. In smaller groups, there will no longer be a minimum distance required; in larger groups (max. 100 people), we are striving to optimise the distance with the rooms available. The detailed planning for this is currently underway. The members of the Presidency thank the planners for their tireless efforts under changing conditions!

From today's perspective, we are optimistic that, as the vaccination progresses, the serious effects of the pandemic can be limited and that classroom teaching will be possible at the beginning of the lecture period of the winter semester. I will inform you about the final conditions for the implementation of classroom teaching in the next semester at the beginning of October.

I wish you all the best!

Best regards, Knut Baumann

Details on the 3G Regulation in the Winter Semester 2021/22

From the winter semester 2021/22 onwards, until further notice, the presentation and control of a vaccination, convalescence or test certificate is mandatory in classroom teaching at TU Braunschweig („3G-Regulation“).

Who is considered vaccinated, recovered or tested is regulated as in public life (i.e. in analogy to SchAusnahmV (German only)).

There will be important differences in testing for SARS-CoV-2 in the winter semester compared to the current situation. From 11-Oct-2021 at the latest - and possibly earlier depending on the legal situation - rapid antigen tests or PCR tests from an approved testing centre will be required for non-vaccinated and non-recovered persons. The self-tests that have been used up to now will then no longer be sufficient. For this reason, their distribution to students will be discontinued as of 11-Oct-2021.

According to the legal regulations, a vaccination with a vaccine approved in the EU is required for the vaccination certificate (see SchAusnahmV, list of approved vaccines at www.pei.de/impfstoffe/covid-19). For international students, contact persons in the International House are available for questions regarding corona-specific regulations, test and vaccination certificates.

Proof of 3G-status in the courses is provided by the EU's COVID certificate, either digital or printed (e.g. via the Corona-Warn-App or CovPass-App). This certificate is easily accessible. Unfortunately, other proofs cannot be accepted, as otherwise a quick admission control would not be possible. The certificate is neither documented nor stored in the process.

Checking into a classroom requires the confirmation of the known self-declaration. This can be done digitally via Stud.IP in the future. You will receive detailed information on this at the beginning of October. Alternatively, the printed and signed self-declaration can be provided.

Updates on the implementation of the winter semester can also be found later in the known folder in the cloud storage.

Further measures against infection

Please note that with permanent exceeding of the 7-day incidence of 35/100,000 population:in, the infection protection measures also become more stringent. In presence exams, medical masks must now be worn even after taking the seat. The same applies to student workstations in the University Library and in lecture halls BI 84.1 and BI 84.2 on the North Campus. Student lab practicals are now again subject to the higher space allowance of 20 square meters per person. Medical masks must also now be worn again in meetings. These are the major changes. Please see the complete infection control procedures in the familiar folder or on the web.

The rapid increase in the number of infections in the region, but also throughout Germany, shows us that the pandemic is unfortunately not yet over. Please continue to be careful and consistently adhere to the infection protection measures on campus!

A summary of regulations and measures to protect against infections at TU Braunschweig can be found here in the form of a handout based on the recommendations of the State University Conference:

Measures against infections (PDF)