Undergraduate Courses
Institute of Electrical Measurement and Fundamental Electrical Engineering
Institute of Control Engineering
Institute of Semiconductor Technology
Institute of Electronic Components and Circuit Design
Institute for Electromagnetic Compatibility
Institut für Hochspannungstechnik und Elektrische Energieanlagen
Institute of Electrical Machines, Drives, and Railway Systems
Institute of High Frequency Technology
Institute for Communications Technology
Institute of Computer and Communication Network Engineering
Contributions of the Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Faculty
Contributions of the faculty of Architecture, Civil Eng. and Environm. Sciences
Contributions of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Contributions of Physics (the former faculty)
Contributions of Chemistry (the former faculty)

Undergraduate Courses

00001 Mathematics I+II
00003 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
00004 Metrology (Introduction)
00009 Alternating Currents and Networks
00010 Electromagnetic Fields
00011 Basics of materials science
00012 Physics
00015 Fundamentals of Electronics
00017 Algorithms and Data Structures
00018 Digital Signal Processing
00025 Coding Theory
00026 Signal Transmission

Institute of Electrical Measurement and Fundamental Electrical Engineering

01101 Sensors
01102 Metrological Laboratory, Course I
01103 Experiments on measurement of non electric quantities
01104 General measurement technique
01105 Nanoelectronics
01106 Electrical Measurement of biomedical Quantities
01107 Bioanalytics
01202 Programming microcomputer systems
01301 Electronics for Measurement and Control
01401 Precision measuring techniques
01501 Basics of Medicine for Engineers

Institute of Control Engineering

02101 Fundamentals of control engineering
02102 Control engineering I
02104 Identification of Dynamic Systems
02105 Design of Robust Control Systems
02106 Control of electrical drives
02107 Control in electrical power systems
02108 Control Laboratory course I
02109 Control Laboratory course II
02111 Laboratory course on automation
02113 MATLAB-Laboratory
02201 Electromagnetic compatibility in automotive technology
02202 Data-Bus-Systems in Road Vehicle
02203 Electronic systems in road vehicles 1
02204 Electronic systems in road vehicles 2
02205 Laboratory "Vehicle networks and diagnostics"
02206 Industrial Communication with Fieldbus Systems
02207 Laboratory Fieldbus Communication in Automation Engineering
02208 Laboratory "Interconnected Embedded Vehicle Systems”
02209 Laboratory "Autonomous Vehicle Systems”

Institute of Semiconductor Technology

03101 The Science and Engineering of Magnetoelectronic Devices
03105 Laboratory Course "Electronic Technology I"
03106 Laboratory Course "Electronic Technology II"
03107 Integrated Circuits
03108 Lighting Technology
03109 Surfaces and Interfaces
03110 Modern Developments in semniconductor Nanotechnology
03114 Semiconductor Technology
03201 Polycrystalline Semiconductors for Electronic Devices
03202 Thin Film Technology
03203 Nanotechnology in Microelectronics
03301 Semiconductor Sensors - Fundamentals and Applications
03302 Semiconductor Metrology
03401 Solar Cells
03402 Nanotechnology and the global energy problem
03501 Bio- and Nanoelectronic Systems 1
03502 Bio- and Nanoelectronic Systems 2
03503 Bio-Nano-Systems
03504 Molecular Electronics
03505 Advanced Electronic Devices
04106 Packaging and joining techniques in electronics
04107 Basics of materials science

Institute of Electronic Components and Circuit Design

05102 Numerical Device and Circuit Modeling
05107 Electronic circuit laboratory (Direct conversion Receiver)
05108 Analog integrated circuits

Institute for Electromagnetic Compatibility

06400 Numerical Analysis of Radiation Phenomena
06401 Electromagnetic Compatibility

Institut für Hochspannungstechnik und Elektrische Energieanlagen

07101 Electrical Power Systems I
07102 Electrical Power Systems II
07106 Methods of numerical computation
07107 Methods of numerical computation - practical computer course
07108 Plasma Technology
07201 Fundamentals of Electrical Energy Engineering
07302 High Voltage Engineering I
07303 High Voltage Engineering II
07305 Innovative power systems
07306 High Voltage Engineering Laboratory
07309 Laboratory course innovative power systems
07310 Network analysis and planning with NEPLAN
07311 e-Learning "Distributed Energy Systems"
07312 Superconductors in electrical engineering
07404 Liberalisation of the electrical energy supply from a technical perspective
07502 Economic development of electric power apparatus
Economy of high voltage equipment
07503 Electrical Power Economics and Power Plants

Institute of Electrical Machines, Drives, and Railway Systems

08102 Electromechanical energy conversion I
08103 Electrical vehicle drives and new transportation systems
08104 A.C. drive systems and their computer simulation
08106 Advanced laboratory on electrical machines
08201 Power Electronic 1
08202 Power Eletronic 2
08205 Electromechanics
08207 Power Electronics Laboratory course exercise
08301 Electrical equipment of railway vehicles
08302 Systemtechnology for photovoltaics
08401 Integrated Drive Systems

Institute of High Frequency Technology

09100 Fundamentals of Transmission Line Theory
09102 Electromagnetic waves
09103 Quantum structure devices
09104 Electronic engineering (RF-engineering) II
09105 Optical communications
09106 Dielectric materials of electronics und photonics
09107 Optical communications
09108 Laboratory "Laser and coherent optics"
09110 Flat Panel Displays
09301 RF Circuit Design I
09302 RF Circuit Design II
09303 Microwave engineering (laboratory course exercise)
09304 RF Circuit Design Laboratory exercise
09305 RF wave propagation and antennas
09402 Technical Optics: Lasers and Applications
09502 Optoelectronics
09503 Technology of THz systems
09504 Ultrafast lasers and their applications

Institute for Communications Technology

10100 Fundamentals of Information Technology
10102 Signal Transmission I
10103 Current Systems for Electronic Media
10104 Image Communication I
10105 Image Communication II
10106 Electroacoustics
10107 Practical Courses in Communications Technology
10109 Signal Transmission II
10110 Computational Experiments in Signal Transmission II
10201 Coding theory
10202 Fundamentals of Mobile Radio Communications
10203 Planning of Terrestrial Radio Networks
10204 Computational Experiments in Planning of Terrestrial Radio Networks
10205 Modelling and Simulation of Mobile Radio Systems
10206 Computational Experiments in Modelling and Simulation of Mobile Radio Systems
10207 German title is: Advanced Topics in Mobile Radio Systems
10208 Microwave and Wireless Metrology
10209 Mobile Radio Systems Lab
10303 Digital Signal Processing
10304 Fundamentals of Image Processing
10305 Computational Experiments in Digital Signal Processing
10307 Computational Experiments in Digital Image Processing
10314 Speech Communication
10315 Computational Experiments in Speech Communication
10316 Spoken Language Processing
10501 Current Topics on Image Processing
10502 Fundamentals of Pattern Recognition

Institute of Computer and Communication Network Engineering

11104 Computer controlled Data Networks
11105 New Telecommunication Networks
11107 Laboratory Course: Communication Networks and Systems
11108 Laboratory Course Exercises: System and Network Simulation
11110 Broadband Networks
11111 Advanced Topics in Telecommunication
11112 Communication Network Analysis
11113 Communication Networks
11301 Cryptology Design Fundamentals
11302 Network Security
12102 Digital Circuits I
12103 Computer Architecture I
12104 Computer Architecture II - Embedded System Design
12105 Digital Circuits II
12106 Laboratory course for computer engineering
12109 Lab Computer Aided Digital Circuit Design
12110 Embedded Processor Lab
12111 Advanced Computer Architecture
12201 Analogue-Digital Interface
12302 VLSI-Design I
12303 VLSI-Design II
12304 Practical Course VLSI-Design I
12305 Practical Course VLSI-Design I
12401 Testing
12501 Space Electronics I
12502 Space Electronics II
12503 Design of failure tolerant computers

Contributions of the Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Faculty

30103 Distributed Systems/Operating Systems
30111 Compiler
30113 Chip and system design
30114 German title is: Praktikum Entwurf integrierter Systeme
30115 German title is: Übungen zum Chip- und System-Entwurf
30120 German title is: Betriebssysteme
30130 German title is: Chip- und Systementwurf I
30201 Software Engineering
30207 Practical Software Development
30208 German title is: Reaktive Systeme - Entwurf und Programmierung
30209 German title is: Verifikation reaktiver Systeme
30210 German title is: Reaktive Systeme I - Entwurf und Programmierung
30212 German title is: Compilerbaupraktikum
30213 German title is: Praktikum Reaktive Systeme
30214 German title is: Softwaretechnisches Industriepraktikum
30215 German title is: Prozessalgebren
30221 German title is: Software Engineering Management
30222 German title is: Softwarearchitektur
30223 German title is: Modellbasierte Softwareentwicklung
30224 German title is: Generative und aspekt-orientierte Softwareentwicklung
30225 German title is: Softwaretechnik Praktikum
30606 German title is: Mobilkommunikation
30607 German title is: Verteilte Multimedia-Systeme
30612 German title is: Praktikum Kommunikationssysteme
30613 German title is: Praktikum Kommunikation und Multimedia
31101 Robotics I (mathematical/technological foundations)
31102 Robotics II (programming, modelling, simulation)
31103 Computer-Vision
31104 Robotics and Process Control Laboratory
31202 German title is: Modellierung in der Computergrafik
31206 German title is: Praktikum Computergrafik
31207 German title is: Computergrafik - Grundlagen I

Contributions of the faculty of Architecture, Civil Eng. and Environm. Sciences

50401 Construction materials 3

Contributions of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering

60101 Small Electrical Drives
60311 Anthropological - Technical Aspects of Aerospace Medicine I
60312 Anthropological - Technical Aspects of Aerospace Medicine II
60701 German title is: Regenerative Energietechnik
60901 Process control automation I
60902 Process control automation II
60904 Engineering of Automation Systems
60905 Dependablity of technical systems (RAMS)
60906 Control 2
61101 Analytical Mechanics I
61300 System theory
61301 Simulation of mechatronic systems
61402 Control and dynamic modelling
61404 Environmental protection technology I
61405 Environmental protection technology II
61501 Chemical and Bioreactors
61601 Microtechnology
61602 Microsystems
61605 Digital Circuitry
61606 Microprocessor Technologies
61630 Laboratory course ‘Microtechnology’
61631 Laboratory course ’Electronic’
62101 Enterprise Organisation
62301 Product Developement and Engineering Design
62302 Advanced Methods to Product Developement
62304 Precision-Elements
62305 Functional Components in Information Technology
63101 Fluid Power Technology
63105 Laboratory for Ground Vehicle Engineering
63201 Measurement Systems for non-electric quantities
63202 Processing of Digital Signals in Mechanical Engineering
63301 Vehicle design I
63302 Vehicle design II
63303 Vehicle design III
64301 Driving Units I
64621 Electronic Engine Control
65100 Materials in Mechanical Engineering
65103 Structural Materials 2 (Light materials and high temperature materials)
65111 Laboratory for materials and welding engineering
65201 Mechanical Spectroscopy
65202 Modern developments in microscopy
65203 Hydrogen in Metals
65301 Analysis of Technical Failures
65401 Thermodynamics of Alloys
65501 Construction Materials IV (Ceramics)
65600 Production Automation
65601 Methods of Production Automation
65602 Industrial Robots
65621 Mechanism Theory
66101 Joining Technology 1
66102 Joining technology for light weigth constructions
66104 Quality assurance
66105 Testing of materials
67101 Surface engineering 1
67102 Surface engineering 3
68101 Advanced Strength of Materials
68102 Continuum Mechanics II
68201 Physics of thin films
68301 Adaptronics I
68302 Adaptronics II

Contributions of Physics (the former faculty)

80111 Solid state physics by nuclear methods
80112 Introduction to nuclear physics
80115 Structure determination by X-ray diffraction
80131 Problems in the physics of alloys I
80132 Problems in the physics of alloys II
80133 Amorphous metals I
80134 Amorphous metals II
80135 Lattice defects and plasticity of crystals
80136 Electron Microscopy of Crystals
80210 Solid State Physics for Material Scientists
80211 Magnetooptics - basics and applications
80212 Solid state optics
80221 Physics of semiconductors
80311 Superconductivity
80312 Tunneling effects
80313 Low temperature techniques
80314 Modern Analytical Methods in Solid State Physics I and II

Contributions of Chemistry (the former faculty)

85111 Introduction to Macromolecular Chemistry
85113 Chemistry and Technology of Polymers / Properties and Analysis of Polymers
85212 Introduction to the Chemistry of Materials
85213 Inorganic Materials
85231 X - Ray Structure Analysis
85322 Organic Materials
85411 Identification of anthropogenic organic compounds in the environment
85412 Identification of anthropogenic inorganic compounds in the environment
85611 Physical Chemistry of Solid Materials
85621 Methods of Thermal Analysis
85622 Applied Solid State Chemistry
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