Why Industrial Engineering?


An engineer who knows about economics

or A businessman who understands engineering?

Students in industrial engineering at the TU Braunschweig do not have to decide for one or the other due to nearly equal proportions of engineering and business as well as interdisciplinary practice “beyond their own noses” throughout their studies.

They deal with engineering as well as economics from the first semester on. They get to know the two different ways of thinking, different problems and terminology since economics and engineering each make up about half of the studies from the very beginning. At the same time, their ability to work interdisciplinarily is improved. This prepares them for all challenges in an optimal way, with the aim to solve problems which require knowledge in both fields independently.



The programme was developed to meet the growing demand for experts with knowledge both in engineering and economics. The increasing specialisation in companies led to lack of knowledge in terms of integrated tasks. Industrial engineers close this gap.

There is a wide range of traditional tasks, focussing on interdisciplinary knowledge in engineering and economics. Industrial engineers e.g. deal with:

• Calculation of the profitability of a technical project

• Arrangement of financing

• Planning and securing of smooth and cost-effective production

• Planning and control of material usage and energy consumption

• Optimisation of the use of facilities

• Optimisation of processes

• Change to the best form of work (e.g. from individual to team work)

• Preparation of market analyses

• Evaluation of current projects

• Product planning and marketing of high-quality technical goods and systems.


The work in the industry and for service providers, e.g. providers of audit, tax and advisory services, is therefore multifaceted.

This programme will thus make them generalists with a holistic education, experienced in integrated, strategic thinking, who can work in different fields. They are therefore also predestined to lead projects.

  last changed 22.03.2013
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