Why Computer and Communications Systems Engineering?


Who would think of a computer when seeing a mobile phone or a sports car? But both of them are controlled by very powerful microcomputers, even if it can’t be seen from the outside. Modern mobile communication or powerful and economical engines and outstanding handling characteristics would not be possible without them.

The same goes for airplanes, robots or medical devices. Computers control all modern technical systems – not noticeable unless you are a technical expert. They help to save energy, reduce risks and increase comfort and reliability. They allow for new functions and set trends, like in case of the mobile phone.




These integrated systems and their complex software do not have much in common with ordinary PCs. Software skills are not sufficient to understand and design these systems; it also requires a thorough education in engineering, which allows sensible and responsible use of the new technology.

We will both teach you in an innovative programme, one of the first of this type resulting from close cooperation between electrical engineering and computer sciences.

The graduates can expect a highly dynamic global market, with plenty of room for creativity and will to design. Be fascinated by the possibilities and join the information technology programme. We would be glad to welcome you.

  last changed 21.03.2013
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