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"The CSE get-togethers are a great way to meet our professors and fellow students. To talk to everyone in a comfortable setting is great. And I can always ask the CSE staff questions - CSE feels like a family to me.“ (2nd year CSE student)
Helping students to become part of CSE, part of the TU Braunschweig and Germany is one of our goals. One important aspect has always been our so-called socials - the CSE BBQ in June/July, the Welcome Get-Together in October and the Christmas Get-Together in December. 
Giving our students the opportunity to connect with professors, alumni, CSE supporters and senior students is one way to ensure their connectivity. 
In addition we have established "Culinary Bites" - an event organized by CSE to give our students a more informal setting to connect with other students from other programmes and the general public. This event takes place 1-2 times per semester and we always change the cuisine. Cooking and eating together - a great opportunity to connect! 
In the past, we were able to finance these events through external means. Unfortunately this is not possible any longer. We hope that you will support us and therefore the CSE students so that these events will also take place in the future. 

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