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Below you can find questions and answers concerning the examination regulations. We refer to Allgemeiner Teil der Prüfungsordnung 2013 (short: APO) and Besonderer Teil der Prüfungsordnung 2013 (short: BPO). Please understand that this FAQ is just for your support and not legally binding, only the German version of the examination regulations is legally binding.


1) Who informs me about the examination regulations?

As a student, it is your duty to know and understand the examination regulations. It is not anyone else's duty (especially not CSE office's duty) to update you about changes via email or similar. Therefore, it is suggested that you read the regulations which are made available on the CSE website in the download section.


2) When and how do I register for exams?

According to §7 APO you need to sign up for all exams (online registration and CSE Office). The registration period is fixed by CSE Office and announced to the students.

3) I forgot to register for the exams in the registration period, what can I do?

You will have to sign up for the exam during the next examination period. 

5) I want to unregister from an exam, how and when can I do it?

According to § 11 APO you can unregister from an exam if you keep the following deadlines:

written exam: one day before the exam takes place, until 12:00 o'clock midday

oral exam: seven days before, until 12:00 o'clock midday

Unregister online for classes registered online and via the CSE Office for classes registered there. 



6) I forgot to unregister from an exam, what happens now?

According to §11 APO an exam will count as failed if you have signed up for it and did not unregister from it in time (in the CSE Office) or did not appear for it without a doctor's certificate or similar. 


7) I was sick during an exam and could not attend it, what can I do?

You need to hand in a sick certificate from the doctor to CSE Office shortly (not more than 3 days) after the date of the exam covering the date of the exam (§11 APO). If you are unable to hand in the certificate personally, you must send it via post or ask a colleague to hand it in!


8) I failed an exam, when must I repeat it?

A failed exam can be repeated once as per APO exams are to be offered every semester! Registration for these repeat exams must be done by the student.


9) I failed an exam twice, what can I do?

According to §13 APO it is possible to take a third attempt in each exam. 


10) I passed an exam but the grade was not good enough, can I repeat it?

According to § 13 APO it is possible to repeat a passed exam if it is written in the regular period of studies (4 semesters) and if the improvement attempt takes place in the next two semesters. Students must announce that it is a grade improvement when registering for the exams!


11) I want to take additional courses, how do I do it?

According to §19 APO it is possible to take additional exams before finishing your studies. If you wish to take an exam as an additional exam (can appear as graded or not graded in your final certificate, does not count in the overall grade) you must apply for this at the examination board before signing up for the exam.


12) When can I take exams?

Exams can only be taken in the non-lecture period following the lecture period. For the winter term, exams can be taken until mid March, for the summer term, exams can be taken until mid October. If a lecturer offers an exam outside of this timeframe, CSE office must be informed and the date must be approved by the CSE examination board!

13) I passed an exam but I do not wish to have it in my final certificate, is this possible?

Yes, it ist possible. Please see BPO §5.

14) I want to take an IDC-course which is not from my chosen study direction. Can I do it?

If you have chosen e.g. Mechanical Engineering as your study direction but wish to take a course (or a topic for the student project or Master Thesis) from Civil Engineering in your IDC-courses, provided the course is on the IDC-course list, only your mentor has to sign off on it.

If the IDC-course is not on the list, you need to write an application to the examination board.


15) Can I change the modules I have chosen in ECC?

As long as no examination has been taken (no matter whether passed or failed) in a module, the module and hence the study plan can be changed. As soon as one exam within the module is taken, the module must be completed and counts in the overall grade.


16) Can I do my Master thesis and student project in the same institute?

Yes, but the Master thesis topic must be significantly different from the topics of the student project (§ 6 (3) BPO).


17) I need to have 30 credits after two semesters of study. What happens if I fail to do so?

According to §8 APO you must have 30 credits after the examination period of the second semester (i.e. end of October). If you have less credits, you need to appear for a counseling interview in the CSE Office.


18) I want to write an application to the examination board, how can I do it?

You write a letter addressed to the examination board (print, not handwriting) stating your request and naming good reasons why your request should be decided positively. Please hand in the application to the CSE Office as we collect all applications to the board. The application must be in the form of a request (e.g. please allow me to take additional courses as per § 19 APO, these courses are....). In exceptional cases, the application to the board can be accepted via email!

The letter must contain the following:

your name and Matrikelnummer

your request in detail

if possible: the article of the APO or BPO concerned

your signature


19) How can I obtain a transcript?

If you wish to obtain a transcript, please send an email to the CSE office with your enrolment number and name, please state which language the transcript should be in (English or German). You can choose between a hard copy with stamp and signature (to be picked up from the office) or a soft copy without stamp or signature (only for your own information, sent via email). Due to the part-time employment of the CSE staff, please allow at least 4 days for issuing!

20) Can you show me how to use the QIS-Portal for exam registration and others?

We made a short presentation that you can use to guide you through the QIS-Portal.


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