Prof. Dr. Schomburg

Team Schomburg

Systems biology - methods and applications

The research of the group is focused on the integrated experimental/bioinformatics research on metabolic networks and enzymatic function. The experimental methods used include metabolome analysis/mass spectrometry, bioinformatics tools for the construction and analysis of metabolic networks, drug target identification, genome annotation, metabolic flux analysis, protein/protein docking are developed and used. The enzyme information system BRENDA is curated at the department. It contains the development of experimental methods for the analysis of metabolic profiles, the subsequent application for genotype/phenotype characterization, genome annotation as well as the establishment of an integrated database containing function and property data of biomolecules and organisms based on the BRENDA model.


Systems biology – Metabolomics and metabolic modelling

Bioinformatics - systems biology tool development and applications

BRENDA - the world’s comprehensive enzyme information system – part of de.NBI

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