The symposium addresses topics in bilingual child, adult, and heritage speaker grammatical processing, including but not limited to:

  • lexical, morphological and syntactic processing;
  • crosslinguistic influence in bilingual speech production and comprehension;
  • code-switching
  • cognitive consequences of multilingualism;
  • language processing in attrition;
  • implications of multilingual language processing for teaching.

ISBPACTU will bring together researchers from different disciplines (e.g.,  linguistics, psychology, cognitive sciences, neuroscience and language pedagogy) who investigate bilingual and L2 processing.


With approximately 120 attendees ISBPAC-TU grew considerably compared to the first ISBPAC two years ago. We thank all attendees for your contribution to the conference and the discussions.

The following junior researchers were voted as best talk and poster presenters respectively:

Best Talk

Cristina Lozano-Argüelles
The time-course of verbal morphology anticipation: When interpreting experience makes a difference

Vincent Deluca
(Re)exploring the effect of the bilingual experience on brain structure

Elise Hopman
Language production practice improves comprehension performance on grammatical dependencies in early L2 learning

Best Poster

Tesni Galvin
Predictive processing of gender in L1/L2 Welsh

Claire Goriot
Are Dutch children able to distinguish between English phonetic contrasts? A comparison between monolingual children, early-English pupils, and bilinguals

Anna Marklová
Endpoint preferences in bilingual infants

Chara Tsoukala
Code-switching patterns en un modelo computacional: Simulating code-switching in a bilingual sentence-production model

Congratulations to Cristina, Vincent, Elise, Tesni, Claire, Anna and Chara!

We hope you enjoyed the conference as much as we did.

See you at the next ISBPAC in Nijmegen in 2020!

Keynote Speakers

Vicky Chondrogianni (University of Edinburgh)
Sentence comprehension in heritage bilingual children

Ian Cunnings (University of Reading)
Parsing and working memory in non-native sentence processing

Janet van Hell (Pennsylvania State University)
Code-switching in bilingual speakers: Behavioral and electrophysiological evidence

Pre-conference workshop

We are hosting a workshop on eye-tracking in bilingual and L2 processing, led by Theres Grüter (University of Hawaii), during the afternoon of Wednesday, 23rd May 2018


Check out the programme and abstracts:


Book of Abstracts