Matthias Wichmann

Dr. Matthias Wichmann

Assistant professor
Office: 616
Phone: +49 531 391 2215
Fax: +49 531 391 2203
E-Mail: ma.wichmann@tu-braunschweig.de
Office hours: appointment required


Research Area



SS 17 Seminar on "Energy and ressource efficient production"
since WS 16/17 Lectures "Energy and ressource efficient production"
SS 16 Seminar on "Ressource efficient production"
SS 16 VWA lectures "Management of production"
WS 15/16 Seminar on "Urban production"
SS 15 VWA lectures "Management of production"
WS 14/15 Seminar on "Sustainability in the steel industry"
WS 13/14 Lectures "Management of production"
since WS 13/14 Computer tutorial "Softwaretools for simulation and optimization in production and logistics"
WS 13/14 VWA lectures "Management of production"
SS 13 Seminar on "Supply chain coordination 2"
WS 12/13 VWA lectures "Introduction to production management"
SS 11 - SS 12 Lectures "Sustainability in production and logistics"
SS 12 VWA lectures "Management of production"
SS 11 Seminar on "Productions planning in the steel industry"
SS 10 VWA case studies on "Production management"
SS 10 Seminar on "Logistics in consumer goods industry"
WS 09/10 Teaching assignment University of Hildesheim, Tutorial on "Produktion A"
SS 09 Seminar on "Heuristische Lösungsverfahren"
WS 08/09  VWA Case studies on "Production management"
SS 08 Seminar on "Business Process Management"
since WS 07/08 Support of lecture and tutorial "Produktionsmanagement"
WS / SS Mentoring of students in the context of scientific theses


Research Projects

In charge of the following projects:
KORONA - Kundenanfrageorientierte Restriktionsprüfung zur Optimierung von Annahmeentscheidungen
Auftraggeber: Salzgitter AG - Stahl und Technologie, Salzgitter



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