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Since more than 15 years the AIP is known for research competence in the design, planning and control of industrial production and logistics systems. Our mission is the technology and decision-oriented business science. Here we model processes and systems adequate to the considered problems. Based on that, we develop decision support models, which are used to derive recommended actions for industry and politicians. In interdisciplinary teams we are working on challenging industrial problems – hands-on and often directly on-site.

Our research addresses the classical productions and logistics management. Here, our research ranges from questions of production, logistics and supply chain management to environmental management. Our research is specialized into four research areas „Energy- and resource-efficiency“, „Digitization“, „Mobility“ and „Circular economy“. In these areas we provide innovative solutions for emerging problems, develop operational templates, and support in implementing them.

In numerous research projects we are collaborating with national and international partners from academia and industry, often supported by public funding organizations such as the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and different federal ministries. The objective is to transfer sophisticated theoretical approaches into the industrial application. To this end, we co-operate with companies from various industries and sizes, ranging from local recycling companies to global players from the automotive and the steel industry. The results are reflected by more than 50 publications in leading journals. At the same time, we use the knowledge generated in our research activities to continuously update teaching according to the state-of-the-art.

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