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A-Levels, Halberstadt, Saxony-Anhalt


Studies of Business Administration at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg with the Areas of Specialization: Production & Logistics and Business Management & Organization
Degree with distinction and best graduate of the Faculty of Economics


Internship and Student Assistant at Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF, Magdeburg


Research Assistant at the Department of Management Science,                                    Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Prof. Dr. Wäscher)


Research Assistant at the Department of Business Administration, in particular                  Service Management, TU Braunschweig (Prof. Dr. Woisetschläger)


Research Focuses

  • Shared Mobility Services (Carsharing, Ridesharing)
  • Smart Products and Services
  • Service Innovation / Service Design
  • Customer (Mis)Behavior



Coordination, and in charge of publicly- and industry-funded research projects, amongst others:


Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Lindloff, Kirstin; Pieper, Nadine; Bandelow, Nils C. and Woisetschläger, David M. (2014): Drivers of carsharing diffusion in Germany: an actor-centred approach. In: International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, Vol. 14, Nos. 3/4, p. 217-245.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

Fricke, Antje; Pieper, Nadine and Woisetschläger, David M. (2020): Smart products: definition, facets, and differences. Accepted to the AMA 2020 Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference, San Diego, CA, US.

Fricke, Antje; Pieper, Nadine and Woisetschläger, David M. (2019) Security concerns as barriers of smart product acceptance: The case of automated parking. Presentation at the International Conference on Challenges in Managing Smart Products and Services – CHIMSPAS, Bielefeld, DE, 22.08.2019.

Pieper, Nadine and Woisetschläger, David M. (2018) Two sides of one coin: misbehavior and identification – A multilevel study in the context of carsharing. In: Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Macromarketing Conference, Leipzig, DE.

Pieper, Nadine and Woisetschläger, David M. (2016): Is the customer really always right? – Exploring the phenomenon of customer misbehavior in the context of carsharing. In: Proceedings of the 12th Cosmobilities Network Conference ‘Sharing Mobilities: New Perspectives for Societies on the Move?’, Stuttgart/Bad Boll, DE.

Pieper, Nadine; Backhaus, Christof; Woisetschläger, David. M. and Heußler, Tobias (2013): Shaping intermodal mobility experiences: The role of travel chain characteristics. In: Proceedings of the European Transport Conference ETC 2013 – Young Researchers' and Practitioners' Forum, Frankfurt, DE.

Lindloff, Kirstin; Pieper, Nadine; Bandelow, Nils C. and Woisetschläger, David. M. (2013): Drivers of carsharing diffusion in Germany: Explanations in the triangle of users, providers and politics. In: Proceedings of the 21th International Colloquium of GERPISA, Paris, FR.

Woisetschläger, David M.; Pieper, Nadine and Backhaus, Christof (2013): Social Effects in Consumer Behavior: How Subjective Norms and Co-Consuming Others Affect Behavioral Intentions. In: Proceedings of the 2013 AMA Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference, Las Vegas, NV, US.

Contributions in Collections

Pieper, Nadine; Jahns, Martina, Woisetschläger, David M. and Desanzo, Julián M. (2018): The importance of sense of regional community for adopting technology-enabled peer-to-peer ridesharing in rural areas – An experimental study design. In: Bungartz, H.-J.; Kranzlmüller, D.; Weinberg, V.; Weismüller, J.; Wohlgemuth, V. (ed.): Environmental Informatics – Techniques and Trends. Shaker Verlag, Aachen, p. 297-301.

Pieper, Nadine; Jahns, Martina and Woisetschläger, David M. (2017): 'Getting the hitchhiking ball rolling on rural areas' – Drivers and barriers of peer-to-peer ridesharing usage intention. In: Otjacques, B.; Hitzelberger, P.; Naumann, S.; Wohlgemuth, V. (ed.): From Science to Society – The Bridge provided by Environmental Informatics. Shaker Verlag, Aachen, p. 267-274.

Mau, Daniela; Tostmann, Jonas; Woisetschläger, David M. and Pieper, Nadine (2016): What drives profitability of electric vehicles in mixed fleets? – An empirical analysis based on data logger information. In: Wohlgemuth, V.; Fuchs-Kittowski, F.; Wittmann, J. (ed.): Environmental Informatics – Stability, Continuity, Innovation: Current trends and future perspectives based on 30 years of history. Shaker Verlag, Aachen, p. 35-40.

Pieper, Nadine; Heußler, Tobias; Woisetschläger, David M. and Backhaus, Christof (2013): Relevanz der Intermodalität für CarSharing-Konzepte. In: Proff, H.; Schönharting, J.; Schramm, D.; Pascha, W. (ed.): Schritte in die zukünftige Mobilität – Technische und betriebswirtschaftliche Aspekte. Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden, p. 379-499.

Working Papers

Schnittker, André; Pieper, Nadine and David M. Woisetschläger (2019) How to Advance your Data-Driven Customer Experience – Customer Identity Management and how to Deploy it Based on Digital Platforms and Blockchains. Study by Sopra Sterie SE and the Chair of Services Managemet at the Technische Universität Braunschweig, Hamburg.

Pieper, Nadine; Woisetschläger, David M.; Paternoga, Stefan; Beuscher, Gerald and Wachalski, Thiemo (2013): Elektromobilität auf dem Prüfstand – Wirksamkeit von Kaufanreizen. Study by P3 automotive GmbH and the Institute of Automotive Management and Industrial Production, Wolfsburg.

Paternoga, Stefan; Pieper, Nadine; Woisetschläger, David M.; Beuscher, Gerald and Wachalski, Thiemo (2013): Akzeptanz von Elektrofahrzeugen – Aussichtsloses Unterfangen oder große Chance? Study by P3 automotive GmbH and the Institute of Automotive Management and Industrial Production, Wolfsburg.

Practice-oriented Articles

Paternoga, Stefan and Pieper, Nadine (2013): Akzeptanz von Elektrofahrzeugen – Aussichtsloses Unterfangen? In: technologie & management, Issue 03/2013, p. 39-41.

Presentations (unpublished)

Pieper, Nadine (2018): Identification of customer requirements for automated parking. Presentation at the Park X-Congress, Braunschweig, 13.11.2018.

Pieper, Nadine (2018): The Dark and the Light Side of Sharing A Multilevel Study of Customer Misbehavior and Identification in Carsharing Systems. Presentation at the 9th "PEGASUS Jahrestagung", München, 13.10.2018.

Pieper, Nadine (2017): Sharing without caring  Dissertationskonzept zur Analyse von Kundenfehlverhalten im Carsharing. Presentation at the 8th "PEGASUS Jahrestagung", Aachen, 22.09.2017.

Pieper, Nadine (2016): Spill over effects in carsharing systemsHow perceived customer misbehavior affects the own usage behavior? Presentation at the 7th "PEGASUS Jahrestagung", Stuttgart, 30.09.2016.

Pieper, Nadine (2015): Every beginning is hard – A critical incident analysis using the example of the e-carsharing service „Think Blue. Share A Volkswagen". Presentation at the anniversary conference "25 Jahre FDIBA – German Engineering: Made in Bulgaria", Sofia (BG), 27.11.2015

Pieper, Nadine (2015): Challenges of self-service systems – Which critical incidents disrupt carsharing systems? Presentation at the 6th "PEGASUS Jahrestagung", Wuppertal, 17.10.2015.

Pieper, Nadine (2014): "Aus dem Auto aus dem Sinn" A research agenda for analysing customer misbehavior in the context of carsharing. Presentation at the 5th "PEGASUS Jahrestagung", Karlsruhe, 11.10.2014.

Pieper, Nadine (2014): Social effects in collaborative consumption services: The role of opportunistic consumer behavior. Presentation at the International Research Symposium "Market Competencies and Business Performance", St. Petersburg (RUS), 14.05.2014.

Pieper, Nadine (2014): eShuttle  Test and evaluation of profitability and communication effects when integrating electric vehicles in mixed fleets of passenger transportation. Project presentation at the "SchaufensterBlick 2014", Hannover-Stöcken, 18.02.2014.

Pieper, Nadine and Woisetschläger, David (2013): Evaluation of carsharing services from a customer's point of view – Results of a Germany-wide survey. Presentation at the AutoUni within the lecture series „Marketing and Vertrieb aktuell“, Wolfsburg, 20.11.2013.

Lindloff, Kirstin and Pieper, Nadine (2013): Drivers of carsharing diffusion in Germany: Explanations in the triangle of users, providers and politics. Presentation at the 4th "PEGASUS Jahrestagung", Frankfurt, 12.10.2013.

Pieper, Nadine; Backhaus, Christof and Woisetschläger, David M. (2013): Customer value of advanced driver assistance systems. Presentation at the "Unfallforschungstag der Volkswagen AG Konzernforschung", Wolfsburg, 21.01.2013

Pieper, Nadine (2012): The impact of co-consuming others and subjective norms on carsharing usage intention. Presentation at the 3rd "PEGASUS Jahrestagung", Berlin, 05.10.2012.


NDR Info: Sichere Daten beim Car-Sharing?, 20.01.2014.

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