Quicar - elektrisch

Project title                                                                                                Duration

SFE4/007                                                                                                    2013 - 2015

5.1 Quicar - elektrisch


„Identification of an optimal energetic and economic utilisation plan concept for e-car sharing operation“


Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie

Project management & Project partner industry

Volkswagen AG

Problem definition

The successful marketing of e-car-sharing is still pending against a number of unresolved challenges. So high investments for vehicles and the necessary, customized software are to be made. At the same time, however, established findings of customer expectations and market development are missing. Further problems arise from the dimensioning and operation of the electric vehicles and the necessary infrastructure. This concerns about the optimization of vehicle components, control and driver assist systems for short-term use, the establishment of appropriate charging infrastructure in the (semi-) public space, ensuring correct loading interface and demand-oriented loading strategy and the dealing with range restrictions. Therefore new, adapted to the boundary conditions of carsharing use (vehicle) technical solutions are required.

Objectives & Procedure

The aim of the project is to overcome existing application barriers of the E-Car-sharing by identifying customer- and environment-oriented, energetically optimal and economically viable operators and utilization concepts for electric vehicles in a car-sharing fleet. To achieve these objectives future (vehicle) technical solutions and business models for the integration of electric vehicles into the operational car-sharing use are researched and tested. This includes the integration of electric vehicles into the Quicar fleet and the creation of an e-car-sharing offer at various urban locations of the "Schaufensters Elektromobilität". Of great significance is the establishment of a university-specific car-sharing offer that allows as "Living Lab Campus Mobility" extensive scientific investigations.

Tasks of the AIP DLM

Project team AIP DLM

Nadine Pieper

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