Project title                                                                            Duration

eShuttle                                                                                   30 months


Test and evaluation of the profitability and communication impact of the operation of electric vehicles in mixed fleets of passenger transport

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Motivation of the research project
  • Rising CO2 emissions accelerate national and international efforts to develop sustainable mobility concepts and carriers.
  • Electric vehicles are a way of environmentally friendly mobility, but are not currently especially due to the high cost and range Disadvantages competitive.
  • In the use of electric vehicles in commercial fleets is an important milestone on the road to successful diffusion of electric mobility in the market:
    • Direct Effect: Commercial use on profitable utilization possibilities
    • Indirect effect: Procurement by drivers, customers and other
  • Numerous factors affect the profitability of an insert, indirect effects can be enhanced by communication measures.
Objectives of the project
  • Investigation of the profitability of electric vehicles in mixed fleets
  • Improving the visibility of electric mobility for passengers
  • Integration of electric vehicles into an existing fleet
  • Analysis of data on the basis of interviews and observations
  • Determination of preferential enhancing factors
Project team AIP DLM

Prof. Dr. David M. Woisetschläger

Jonas Tostmann

Daniela Müller

Irina Hoof

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